Fiamma Motorhome Bike Racks

September 25, 2017

Fiamma Motorhome Bike Racks

Fiamma Motorhome bike racks

Are you on the lookout for the best bike rack to suit your motorhome? Then maybe we can help with that.

By working with us, you will get immediate access to the very best Fiamma motorhome bike racks that has ever been made. The best thing here is that the bicycle racks are designed to be very sturdy, and they can easily be added to any caravan or motorhome as you see fit to caryy upto 4 bikes with a maximum of 60kg weight.

Some of Fiamma Carry Bikes are suitable for the garage storage area; others are perfect for the rear panel of your motorhome. You can rest assured that investing in the Fiamma Carry Bike range  your cycles, whether its a standard bikes or electric bikes are safe and secured to your motorhome whilst travelling on your adventurers.

How can you pick the best bike rack for your motorhome?

Our dedicated team of professionals can help you choose the right bike rack for your motorhome. It really isn't as simple as it looks. Some motorhomes may have the option for storage in the rear garage, some will have to be installed on the rear of your motorhome. Windows, positioning, interior fixtures and fittings have to be taken into consideration. By talking to our professional team, we can help you to make the right choice.

Aside from that, you also think about the size of the bike rack. If you have a smaller unit, you can easily get a smaller bike rack without any problem. And yes, we are here to help with that too.

Installation of the bike rack.

We can arrange the installation of the unit for you, and you will get a professional fit no time. Our Engineers Direct Leisure Repairs will install this for you. We can offer a mobile service or you can come to workshop. Which ever suits.

The Fiamma Carry Bike range are made of light weight quality aluminium tubing with reinforced plastic moldings for finishing. Movable grab arms are positioned to hold the bikes and quick release clips hold the wheels to the rails

Some of these accessories are very important, such as support bars, anti-theft systems and blocking systems for bikes. Fiamma have created a whole range of accessories which can be used with all bike racks, bike covers, ultra boxes or even a drying rack.

Understanding what you need is crucial here, as it will help you make the right purchase right now.

How can we help?

We are offering the best possible prices on the market, so you never have to worry about thats. Also, we are here to ensure that you never have to worry about a thing, you just have to get in touch with our team, and we will be there to assist regardless of what happens. Plus, the Fiamma Motorhome bike racks you select are of the very best quality within the leisure industry. The installation process is performed by professionals with multiple years of experience on motorhomes and caravans.

Make the most out of this outstanding opportunity and choose the best motorhome bike racks from our business, you will not regret it!